Welcome to Africa's greatest FREE Bike Event

Africa Bike Week™ is an annual event presented by Harley-Davidson® Africa. All motorcycle enthusiasts, riders, H.O.G.® members, their families and friends from across South Africa are invited to attend the biggest free biker bash on the continent.

The Sound of Thunder

Experience the sound and spectacle as thousands of bikes ride through the streets. Or even better… join the mass ride and make your own thunder!

There are stunt riders, street entertainers, fireworks and spectacular bikes at the Custom Bike Show.

Demos Rides & Expo

Free Demo rides are available each day from Harley-Davidson® and Jeep®. Don’t know how to ride? Jump Start allows you to experience riding a Harley® without fear.

See the latest Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Official Rally Merchandise, bike clothing and bike accessories.

Live Entertainment all day

Settle down at the main stage for live entertainment throughout the day. Top bands perform every night, and local artists are given an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Enjoy all music genres from jazz and country to pop and contemporary.

Does your coastal town need a unique, flagship event? 

Let us know on admin@africabikeweek.com

Africa Bike Week™ always has a huge positive impact on the town where it is held. Its family-friendly format and A/B income, older audience boosts the local economy.

ABW not only attracts South Africans from across the country, it brings international visitors – often as part of a longer tour that visits attractions throughout the region. Africa Bike Week  make cities better.

Africa Bike Week™ gives its host location an identity and a style that people rally around, generally increasing tourism and giving the location a unique flair.

Building tourism

Local restaurants, hotels, B&B’s and other tourism attractions boom – and not only during the event. Visitors arrive early and stay a few days.

In addition to bringing in a substantial income over the course of the rally, a large event like Africa Bike Week™ will essentially ‘put small towns on the map’. A good experience in a new destination often brings thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts back for holidays rather than just passing through riding to better known destinations. Bike enthusiasts travel throughout the year!

Supporting local communities

Africa Bike Week™ is a job creation opportunity – we make a point of supporting local handicrafts, vendors, event suppliers, entertainers, security and other personnel. The event also brings together local residents for family fun, including music, rides, food, giveaways, and more.

Do you wish your city had a unique, flagship event that aligned with a long track record of bringing 20 000+ visitors? ABW has a reputation for responsible behaviour and a culture of supporting local charities and culture? Let us know on admin@africabikeweek.com

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Africa Bike Week™ through the years.

Whether it was held in Margate or East London, Africa Bike Week™ has always offered the most fun you can have on a motorcycle!